The Liga de Nueva Vida Association is a non-profit organization that has developed projects of social, spiritual and educational impact in our country for more than 40 years. The project with the greatest impact so far is related with the Instituto Colombo Sueco, which has been operating for 29 years thanks to God, our work team and the families from the sector (Codito and San Cristóbal Norte) who have delegated us the responsibility to educate their children.


This project was born with the dream to provide education to children and young people from the "quarries" in conditions of marginalization and population migration. Said dream has contributed Colombia with 19 promotions of qualified students and more than 1,870 men and women valuable to society who have contributed to improve the quality of life of their families.


The physical plant of the school was built mostly with the Swedish government and some Swedish Christian organizations´ support, due to this, it was possible to reinforce and reconstruct the existing facilities that were abandoned and highly deteriorated.

At the end of 2011, Pastor Miriam Crawford, legal representative and founder of the Liga de Nueva Vida Association, was cited to a meeting with some representatives of the Ministry of National Education, who informed her that by the President´s decree, all State buildings would be moved to the CISA a decentralized entity to release them for public sale.


With said decree the Ministry of National Education cancelled its commitments and delegated all autonomy allowing the sale of the land where the Instituto Colombo Sueco works, without taking into account the altruistic social work or the population (much of it unprotected) that benefits with the educational service we provide; nor does the teaching, administrative and general service employees linked to the institution.

We have shared a piece of this information with the newspaper El Tiempo on November 10, 1990 that shows the heart of our work:


In order to study, children didn´t need more than their parents´ goodwill. They don´t have to buy books, notebooks or other requested implements in an ordinary school. Everything, from the feeding to the special didactic materials to learn mathematics, is given to them without any additional cost.


By: FREDY MORENO MARTINEZ Editor of EL TIEMPO November 10, 1990, 05:00 am


The monthly pension is below 1,500 pesos, and for their uniform they only pay 300 pesos. The greatest inconvenient has to do with the distance they have travel from their homes (located in the hills of the quarries in the north of Bogotá) to the school facilities.

Our goal with the help of God and friendly hands is to buy the land where we are located in order to continue the service that we have provided in this sector for over 29 years and thus mitigate the impact that would affect the families that have been benefited from our work.


Unfortunately, we do not have much time left, we face a great challenge but we also know that for those who believe nothing is impossible, we encourage them to believe that together we can continue to make this beautiful dream come true and ensure that education doesn´t stop.

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