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help the children of the Instituto Colombo Sueco so that their Education

Does Not Stop

We were born ...


29 years ago, the dream of founding a school for children and young people in conditions of marginalization and human migration in the sector known as “Las canteras”  was born in the hearts of pastors Colin and Miriam Crawford. 


Thanks to God and to the pastors´ hard work, the decisive support of Sweden was obtained which would fund the construction of the  school’s building and simultaneously the participation of the Colombian government was obtained with the provision of the land loan in which the school would be located.


With the signing of the loan agreement, between the Ministry of National Education and the Asociación Liga De Nueva Vida, a non-profit organization founded and directed by the pastors, the Instituto Colombo Sueco became a reality and has been open since 1990.


During these years we have provided quality education at low cost with Christian principles to more than 33,700 students, 19 high school promotions with more than 1,870 men and women who have contributed to the development of our country.

Our impact

Our challenge...


Currently, this work is in danger because, due to governmental decisions, we must give back this land very soon, putting at risk the dream of continuing to educate our children.

We need YOUR HELP to buy the property so more children and young people can benefit from your contribution.


We need YOUR HELP...

to buy the property so more children and young people can benefit from your contribution.



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We count on your support:

Testimony: Martha Cubillos

Testimony: Cecilia Ponce

Testimony: Esteban Garcia

Our impact

+ 33.700


We have educated 33,700 children and young people during our 29 years of service.

+ 1.870


We have graduated 1,870 men and women who have contributed to the development of our country.

+ 1.350

students per year

Each year we educate around 1,350 children and young people from kindergarten to eleventh grade.

+ 100


Around 100 families benefit from the jobs generated at the school.

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Preescolar - Básico y Media

RESOLUCIÓN No 7438 del 13 de noviembre de 1998, modificada por la RESOLUCIÓN No 1378 de Abril 26 de 1999. Emanada de la Secretaría de Educación de Bogotá D.C

INSCRIPCIÓN 6014 - DANE 311001078734

ICFES 0853557

Personería Jurídica Resolución Ejecutiva No. 4702 

de Septiembre 9 de 1974

Nit.  860.043.787-2



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Bogotá, Colombia


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